I’m Slacking…

My goodness, it’s been that long since I posted? What the hell have I been doing? Yes, that’s right…working retail. And this is retail’s busiest season. I’ve been slugging away at customer service for over twenty-five years now, and although it’s exhausting and the customers are just as exhausted as myself, I still smile and wallow through.

A customer once asked me how I could always be so happy and smiling all day long when things are so miserable this time of year?

unhappy shopper woman

My response, “that’s what I get paid to do.”

smiling sales clerk

Although my line of thinking was really this, “how can you be so pissy and sour-faced all day long?”

Retail is tough, if you’ve never worked behind a check-out counter at Wally-world or scanned groceries fast and furiously this time of year, you’re one of the lucky ones.

So, the next time you find yourself harried and ticked off because of the crowds of parents with howling babies and short-tempered momma and daddies…

angry shoppers 2

Think of me. The smiling idiot that hears that kind of “holiday cheer” and Christmas “music” day in and day out from the day after Halloween right up until the blessed release from hell, on December 26th.



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