From my book, I Heard You


Digital art by SakimiChan


She drinks her beer from a wine glass.

When asked, “why?”

She says, “why not?”

She wears her rattiest hoodie beneath her best leather jacket.

When asked, “why?”

She says, “why not?”

She pulls on muck-covered work boots over designer jeans.

When asked, “why?”

She says, “why not?”

She smokes her weed from an ivory pipe.

When asked, “why?”

She says, “why not?”

When asked does she ever wish her life was different.

She looks confused and says, “why?”

Why indeed.

Candle of Beauty

From my poetry notebook…This Ain’t Shakespeare.

candle of beauty

Outer beauty is the flame

Mesmerizing, bright, glowing

Hypnotically drawing us in.


But it flickers and wavers

Disappearing like a whisper.


Inner beauty is the candle

That gives the flame life.


Providing it with strength

To deliver light and warmth

To those within its sphere.


To eventually melt

Into a glistening pool.


Only to be reshaped and molded.

Back to its original form,

To pass on the flame.