New Year’s Resolutions…

happy new year

It’s time to move forward and onward into the New Year with a new determination…for at least two weeks anyway. Just what am I determined to accomplish for the New Year? Well, hopefully lots. First and foremost, my resolutions are going to be kept. You doubt me? Don’t. Because this year’s resolutions are going to be keep-able.

curvy woman.png


Promise to lose ten or twelve pounds? Nope. I promise to keep them. I’ve already gone and bought new clothing to accommodate the new, curvier me.

Start an exercise routine? And lose those nice new curves? Feels good to fill out my jeans for a change.

cold pizza.jpg

Eat healthier? What’s wrong with cold pizza for breakfast?

Stop robbing my savings account and actually do some saving? Save for what? My death?  My retirement? At this point, there is likely to be no retirement coming my way. Pretty sure I’ll be working until I die. So why not enjoy that money while I can?

Keep up on the laundry and housework? Then how would I plan my days off without those things looming over my head?

family time

Spend more time with the family? I’d love to, but my firstborn lives a hundred miles away and my other child has his own thing going on and doesn’t need his mother hovering over him. He’s more than happy with our caveman conversations. “Yup. Nope. Love you too.”

netflix logo

More romantic times? I’ll continue to scroll through Netflix to find the perfect romance.

See? Easy resolutions that are easily kept.

I May Not Be a Woman After All….

pile of magazines

Reading a woman’s rag mag was quite an eye-opener for me. Being a woman, I thought I had the whole “woman” thing figured out. Come to find out, I know squat about being a woman. I discovered I was so far out of the loop that I almost wasn’t even a woman.

Here’s a list of the finer points of being a woman that educated me.

  1. That women on the backside of forty…well, pushing the fifty mark…are sexy! Who knew? I guess a lot more men than I thought are excited by a woman that has had some life experiences and isn’t afraid to show her true self. In fact, it seems to take the pressure off of them to not be so concerned about how they look.

guy watching tv

2. That Alpha women are highly sought after. An independent woman who can take care of herself, pay her own bills, is assertive, aggressive and opinionated isn’t such a bad thing after all.

50 shades

3. That a woman’s body is her temple…she just needs to know how to accessorize it properly.


with half a scarf.

woman and sheet

a perfectly placed sheet


and those damn wings.

4. Make-up is now done in a way that it needs to look like we’re not wearing make-up…despite the layers we’ve troweled on to make it look that way.

lots of makeup

5. Exercise is still one of the healthiest ways to stay young. Just stay away from gyms where young people go.

booty shorts

But if forty/fifty plus is considered sexy, well dammit what the hell is sixty gonna be? I’m gonna rock my independence by wearing what I feel like and doing exactly what makes me happy!

uma thurman pulp fiction