The Challenge

it doesn’t come often

we fear it may never come to us

love 2

when it does it’s a revelation

we may have lost hope, felt despair


we yearn for it

because it brings out the best in us


still, we search,

knowing in our hearts

that there is someone who will

make us feel complete

once found, we may not even recognize it

may even turn it away

terrified of the hurt and wounds that come with it

wounds that seem like they will never heal

wounds that rip us to the core

no love

it’s that pain that keeps us from reaching out

that builds walls and hardens our hearts

in order to never feel that pain again

building walls

but it cannot be denied

cannot be turned away

when love truly finds you

and you finally admit to the truth of it

your heart will grow wings

and take you on the best flight

you will ever have

love 3

embrace it

enjoy it

live for it

hold it close to you

for as long as it lasts


life is difficult

love is a challenge

but it’s that challenge

that makes life worth living.

love 4